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06.02.2009 :
Final 1.0.
Unbelievable but true ^^.
I didnt like morr than one Compilerversion in my developement-area
so Starworlds Final Version 1.0. is out now using purebasic latest V.4.30.
The main feature is, that there is no more Installer needed - just unzip and run it :-)

05.08.2008 :
Beta 29 online
This is meant as a final release.
If there are bugreports, nice ideas, or beautyful grafics, i will of course continue
the developement of this program.
But for the moment, i will turn attention to other things ...

Have fun playing Starworld :-)

11.11.2007 :
massive multiplayer test ^^
Today for the first time we played SW via TCP/IP on 3 Computers at once.
Up to now I had only 2 Computers connected,
so I was really surprised that nothing crashed.
Event the Chat between the Clients worked without problems.
Maybe I had a clear moment when programming the protocol ^^

02.11.2007 :
Beta 027
This version makes the game more easier to play, more intuitive and more userfriendly.
The concept of the planets is easier now without lowering the strategic potential of the game.
This ist the first version to be published in the english PureBasic-Forum.
11 new Features and 14 Bugfixes are as always mentioned in detail in the versions section.
Have fun with this version of Starworld !

16.07.2007 :
Beta 026
New grafix arrived :-)
Dostej gave some nice new GFX of suns and planets to me - many thanks the GFX are very appreciated !
The Galaxy looks much more pretty now and there is a new picture of a system in the menus "planets" und "send".
5 different types of planets inform now about the habitability
and the possible growth of people on a planet.

More detailled information only available in german. Have fun with this version of Starworld !

23.05.2007 :
Beta 025
Beta 25 is available now.
Multilanguage is now fully supported.
Anyone who wants to supply a languagefile with his own native language
is greatly apppreciated.
Many, many small improvements and bugfixed were done.

Besides : I am still looking for a grafix-artist :-)

28.03.2007 :
Launch of the english-webpages.
Starworld will support multiple languages from V. 25b on and so will these webpages.